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commission information

:bulletwhite::bulletwhite: Terms and prices :bulletwhite::bulletwhite:

:bulletyellow::bulletyellow: Style options

:bulletyellow:Monotone / strong lineart + tinted shading

$40 USD each character

:bulletyellow:Full Color / smooth lineart + complete shading

$80 USD each character

Prices are for reference, and might be adjusted if the requests are specifically complicated or intricate.

:bulletpink::bulletpink: Special Offers:bulletpink::bulletpink:
A 15% off from the price, for girl characters

:bulletyellow::bulletyellow: Backgrounds

The basic price includes only a non-specific background, just a colored gradient to support the figures, or any abstract pattern I fancy.

Detailed backgrounds have a separate price, very much depending on their complexity, and to be decided on each case. A guideline for the cost is comparing it with the amount of work of a Character item, and thus its price. That way, a complex detailed BG would cost about as much as an additional character. Up or down from that depending on amount of items, complexity and definition (as well as area to fill).

:bulletpink::bulletpink: Contents limitations :bulletpink::bulletpink:

As always, there are a few things that I will NOT accept on commissions. And this is not negotiable. Basicly:

♦ Explicitly sexual content. ♦
♦ Hardcore content, extreme violence or gore. ♦
♦ Suggestive contents with underage characters. ♦

:bulletblue::bulletblue:Conditions of agreement:bulletblue::bulletblue:

Please take a moment to read. <3

As it is common sense, within the logic of commissioning single drawings by a direct client-artist contact, so personal and accessible as deviantArt offers it to us here, there is a few simple (and often implicit) terms that we must agree on, before starting to work together.

♦You must understand that the High Resolution image I would provide you with (created by your request and as a result of our agreement) is only for your personal entertainment and, at the most, for being freely distributed in public circles and open-access spaces, to your criteria. However, try to not widely distribute the high res image, even for free. It might fall int othe hands of someone that might exploit it by selling it as prints or somesuch... So if you're going to offer it wide, please distribute the low res version provided here on dA.

♦♦The artwork commissioned through the present terms should not be sold or offered by you to any other as part of (or in exchange for) subscriptions, purchases, or any other commercial practice, nor distributed under access restricted by such methods, whatsoever, physical or digitally. This represents a serious offense, and would be publicly denounced on sight, followed by the necessary measures.

♦♦♦It's also important to notice that you should not edit the image in any way that would change its content or the elements shown on it, or the way these are shown. Specially not with the purpose of being re-distributed in such way.
- In the most general term, this means: do not remove, nor edit, my signature or credits information from the image.
- In more particular cases, were it to be a picture with mildly suggestive contents, it means that you are not allowed to execute any attempt of 'un-censoring' the image, nor to modify it so to increase the level provocativeness, explicitness, or for whatever other similar motivation.

In few words, respect my work and the load of energy and careful attention that I invest in it. Thank you.

Also, as the creator of the commissioned art, I reserve my rights to show it as part of my production elsewhere, to be included in my portfolio, and in future compilations of my works. However, it would always go together with the information of the client who requested the work, and with the corresponding credits for their Original Characters, if so were involved (and of course, with prior notification to them).

That's about all. Please don't be afraid to ask me about any part of these conditions. As well, if you are interested in commissioning me to create art for you to include in your own commercial project, send me a note with the details, so then we can talk towards doing an agreement best suited for the specific case.



:iconfeguifans: :iconbestofanimegirls: :iconecchi-fanartists:


Hullo, guys.

Here's the list of commission requests as they are today, including every one taken during this new period (that is, since November 2014). They are ordered by their time of "arrival" on my inbox and stuff (some were contacts from Tumblr, some were booked way earlier), and ALL of them are included, for clarity's sake, even those already completed...

:star: = Completed
:star-half: = In progress
:star-empty: = Waiting ( and, of course, unpaid )

Xiakha :star:
Josey-H-Criminal :star:
MrBlueMonday :star:
WaffleLeech :star:
Ethlenrain :star:
FoxOfTwilight :star:

HEARTZMD :star-half:
KPJ11 :star-half:

pixytales :star-empty:
MysticalSkeleton :star-empty:
allzquiet :star-empty:
Ragonoi :star-empty:
ShiponsTails :star-empty:
Plopinou :star-empty:
TheTenk :star-empty:
Xiakha :star-empty:
elee0228 :star-empty:
packotictacs :star-empty:
MR-CREEPING-DEATH :star-empty:
silver-blue-moon :star-empty:
a600lbcatfish :star-empty:
MrBlueMonday :star-empty:
FoxOfTwilight :star-empty:
CandyMancerArt :star-empty:
ShindeTsuku :star-empty:

I really meant to keep strict "slots" out of the plan this time, to avoid this sorta immense list of pending works looming over me (pressurepressure~) and take things easy so I could keep working on my own arts meanwhile. But I understand people needs also to know approximately how long it's before their turn arrives, specially now that so many requests are gathered. So yeah, lists!

I'll make a visible copy of this on my profile page, and keep it updated all the time, so it's easier to see than digging on journals.

Thank you everyone for your patience and support! ♥
I keep getting questions about commissions' order and status, so I'm just gonna make a public list of "slots" and upload it later. :'3
comm: Rya 'Come take it' by feguimel
comm: Rya 'Come take it'
[[ Please click the image to enlarge it and visualize in good quality ]]

Commission for :iconfoxoftwilight:, of her original character Rya.

A teasy "So you want it back~? Come and take it..." sort of setting :'D
Because the King is her fiancé, yes... Lucky guy uh?

I really liked this one, so I'm hoping you all might enjoy it too.

Art ©feguimel
Rya ©FoxOfTwilight
comm: Radey's bikini by feguimel
comm: Radey's bikini
Commission for :iconethlenrain:, of her OC, Radey.

Requested to create a bikini type of outfit based on the character's original clothes. :3a
Great fun with all the details and the shiny-fabric textures. And all the nice skins, yup!

Hope you all like it!

Character ©Ethlenrain
Art ©feguimel
LotY2015 EX version by feguimel
LotY2015 EX version
Alternate set of colors, because I couldn't decide which set I liked more-- or probably just didn't want to leave any of both options out. Yummy skin colorings.Toomuchfun.


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