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October 8, 2012
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comm: Interlude by feguimel comm: Interlude by feguimel
Well! It's finiiisheeeddd~
The very hugest and complex-est commission I ever made. :D
The art was commissioned by :iconpixytales:, with ideas and references provided for the design/customization of the characters.

Hey, and you'd better:

Click for FullSize View!

you knowww, because this really has a lot of stuff to look at in there, and I uploaded a nice large file for you to see it. XD

I think this time I surpassed my highest mark of layers' count. x_x Must be some 250 layers in total... 15-20 per character, and then some other lots of them for every level of background content, and then the mascots, and the luggage and stuffs... Yeah, that means it was a LOT of work, too! >8'D

Anyways! I'm happy with the result~
I hope you guys like it, toooooo!

Also, this means I will open commission again in a few days
(I still have to complete another few paid works, for other not-dA projects)

Base characters belong to their respective owners. --Not myself.
Characters' customization, original characters and concepts ©~pixytales
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cute from head to toes
Foxdrew Dec 22, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Looks amazing! 250 layers? That's an astounding amount of work! So many sexy characters, and a great background. Nice!
arisutan Nov 1, 2012  Student Digital Artist
wow all these characters have bad cases of ridiculous female warrior/armour syndrome ;_;
Stranger-D-Eternal Oct 19, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Alas, even though I usually do crazy commentaries on the goddesses you drew, I have none for today. College had taken its toll on me~ :XD:

Let's see, we gots a succubus with the weapons of Axel from KH2, a rodent-like humanoid gal, since her tail indicates that's she's neither wolf or fox (shocking, ain't it? :XD:), medieval era Stocking who somehow got herself a funky looking tail (I wonder if Panty's in that world somewhere... Must be in a brothel :lmao:), and her bunny girlfriend (Got room for more? :lol:) And then a teenage daughter of Professor Kokonoe of Blazblue lecturing the panda-elf-girl about fishing.

Goodness gracious, your commissioner is one imaginative individual, and your hands brought it to life!

As always, instant fave and love because :iconhornsplz:
wow everything is soo perfect in that from the characters to the background !!! great job !! and the overall scene is amazing !! you're damn talented :P !!!
DFer32 Oct 11, 2012  Professional Digital Artist
Sos un zarpadooooooooasdfghgjk <3
A mi me da una RE-PAJA dibujar mas de 2 personas en una misma imagen u-u
Decime que tenes 32 gb de ram para bancar esto (?
feguimel Oct 11, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
No creas! XD A mi me da fiaca tambiiienn! Pero bueh, trabajo es trabajo, y la paga extra siempre es bienvenida.

haha, nope... Solamente 4GB, y te puedo asegurar que todo el sistema se ponía bobo mientras el archivo estaba abierto. Mi pobre compu, lo que debe haber sufrido! x'D
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